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Traditional furniture shopping requires numerous trips to different stores, solving dilemas about which coffee table will look good with this couch, what rug to buy and will this king bed fit into this tiny bedroom. It also requres waiting for the delivery guys, taking time off work and cleaning up the mess the leave after they are done.

 With us furniture shopping takes 1 hour and requires no other actions from you.

 We wait for the delivery guys instead of you and clean up after. 



One Hour Home

This is one of our most popular services and most appreciated by busy New Yorkers, Relocating Clients, International Students and their parents, who rent an apartment in the city. Once you have found a home through our network or on your own reach out to us. We will meet you at the new apartment or connect with you over the phone or email. We will help you design the space, select all items from our 7,000+ item catalogs and make sure everything will fit in your apartment during our One Hour appointment. Once all decisions are made and your payment is processed we will take over. On the first day of your lease and in as soon as 3 days after, we will deliver, assemble and install all your items. Our service personel will clean all the furniture, vaccum and mop the floors, hang your art , iron your sheets and make your bed. We will make sure to supply you with complementary Bvlgari bathroom essentials  for your first night at home and lease a few pleasant surprises from us. Our set-up process takes one day and once we are done we let you know, so you can come to the apartment and enjoy your beautiful home. You dont need to take a day off from work or school and you dont need to be present throughout the process. Our items are offered for sale or rent. Our minimum order is $6,000. Our service is complementary throughout our affiliate network and credited to those outside of network after the purchase is made. To schedule your appointment please contact us at [email protected] or 1.800.818.3115 and we'll get started. 


Corporate Services

 If you are looking to provide assistance to your relocating personnel and offer new perks and bonuses to your employees, we'll be happy to assist. Our 1 hour home service is available to all the companies within our wide network of landlords, management compaies and top brokerage firms. We will adjust to your unique requirements, work within your budgets and make sure your employees are provided the best possible service. If you are looking to set-up furnished apartments for your company please let us know and we will find a suitable solution within one of our affiliate buildings or through one of our trusted brokers.To set-up your account please contact us at [email protected] or 1.800.818.3115. 


Luxury Service

If you just bought a home, are not in a rush to move in and looking to have an equisite and impressive home, then this is the service for you. Our one of a kind items and made to order customizable collection is perfect for you. Luxury products take from 6 to 28 weeks to arrive from the oversees factories where they are skilfully created on your request. Prices reflect the quality and minimum order for new clients start at $15,000 which, at times, may only cover one or two items. If you are looking to build a home or redesign your living space, through our network of professionals we will help you find the right resource for you. This service requires purchasing design hours with one of our consultants to manage the process and assist 


Shop on your own

If you prefer to shop on your own, please browse our shop here. Please not or delivery will be a standard white glove delivery which includes assembly and delivery only. You will have to be home and will be responsible for measuring and making sure everything will fit. Our minimum order for this service is $5,000

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Call us, email us or use the form below to make your 1 hour appointment.

The 1 hour appointment fee is $250 for new clients and complementary if referred by one of our partners. I

The fee is credited towards your balance upon purchase. 


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